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The Arys Expedition: Special Edition

A topic by Filthy & Free Publishing created Dec 13, 2016 Views: 107
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You are Argon, a member of the elite American Empirical Rangers. Your ship has crash landed on an unknown, unfamiliar planet, and to make things worse your second-in-command, a woman named Ester, is missing. It's up to you to explore the strange world you now inhabit and learn the fate of your missing companion.

This game is a point and click adventure. You can save your progress at any time and return later. Some inventory items may need to be used in the proper order.

You are encouraged to explore everywhere! Chat with the interesting people on the street, they may be willing to help you along your way!


This is the SPECIAL EDITION! That means there's more things to do, more places to go, and better quality graphics than the original!

That also means that when you purchase THE ARYS EXPEDITION you also receive a free PDF copy of "LACUNA; A NOVELLA", written by Christopher J. Teuton and presented by Filthy & Free Publishing. Previously only available during October of 2015 as a Halloween promotion, this story was originally valued at $4.99, and is yours for FREE with your new videogame!