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Could I use the main character in a game I'm making?

A topic by Dreemore created Jul 27, 2019 Views: 105 Replies: 6
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I have made a Super Smash Bros. Inspired game called Indie Game Brawl yesterday. It is a crossover fighting game with characters fighting in a large brawl. I am going to update it and add a 3rd party character which got me thinking, maybe one of your characters could join the brawl? The character that came to mind was the blob on the cover image of Retro Launcher. But I need a name for it. I hope it will be able to join the brawl!



I got the nice blob sprites from here is the guy that made the spritesheet.

I don't know whether that guy is still active or not, but you could ask him.

Again some big kudos to that guy for making my game look nice lol.

We might have to give that blob a name though. Because I've already got a character with the name Blob. I technically could put him in IGB but he'd probably need to be called Purple Blob or something like that.

Thanks for the sprites though!


What about

Alfred, I name my charcters mostly Alfred.

Oh ok! 


Yeah, like the buttler lol, he has some serious style I tell you!