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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

Is there a way for me to limit my fps to 30 or 60?

A topic by Willli created 23 days ago Views: 46 Replies: 4
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Since my laptop often heats up when the fps is too high, is there a way to turn the fps down?


No not currently.  I think VSync is turn on though, but I just checked and it isn't limiting the FPS. I'll see what the issue is


So I looked into it. The FPS is set to 60. The FPS shown is actually CPU steps not frames.

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Is it possible for me to set my fps to 30? Thanks!


Not at this time no, but maybe in the future. What laptop do you have? What is the FPS shown on it now?