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Retro Launcher

Make your life a bit better, have some fun! · By SpaghettiLord1010

Could you make an Android version?

A topic by Dreemore created Jul 25, 2019 Views: 139 Replies: 2
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I like Retro Launcher. But it would be great if I could play it on my phone. As I dont really have a PC or a laptop. I usually use my friend's one. I hope this happens! :D


Hmmm.. This will require much work, as of now I can't say if I can do that, since it would have to work pretty different in an android version (choosing apps, obtaining the needed icons, onscreen controls etc.)

So at the moment I can't say for sure, but an android version is unlikely to happen since I want to focus on more features and an overall better experience for you!

I'll look into it and see, whether the things I need are possible on android and see, if I can get it to work, then it is likely to happen, in the meanwhile you can play my other games already released on Google Play!

Timing Master but be quick downloading there, if I can't get my engine to work right again, my apps will vanish from there on August 1st.

But I still have the apks here on, and lots of other stuff like wallpapers, music and so on, be sure to take a tour around the Spaghetti Plaza!

Ok then! :P