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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Bad controls.

A topic by eboynyc created Jul 24, 2019 Views: 544 Replies: 10
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The camera controls are a joke on this...horrible...can I have my money back?


Happy to talk you through any problems you might be having

To move around its WASD and QE to go up and down. The right mouse button lets you look around

If that doesn't work for you, Feel free to contact itch for a refund

What about Flow Scape logo?  Does it stay up the whole time?  How do you turn it off?


It sounds like a bug, I've heard of it happen before on a slow machine where it skips deleting the logo because it was trying to do too many things at once. I will take a look to see what I can do with this, maybe delete it after everything has been created possibly. 

What kind of computer do you have? 

Did you work out the controls?

imac 2019

Developer (1 edit)

hmm that's strange. I'm sure we can fix it though. If you head over to our discord

We can see have a chat to see what's causing the issue. 

In the future I'll make that logo deletable just in case it gets stuck.

Developer (1 edit)

Maybe you were expecting the controls to be more like a 3d app. FlowScape uses a first person camera, so right drag is look around.

I do however have an Orbit mode that will be live in the next build, it behaves similar to max/maya.

Hopefully that is what you are after and will change your mind with that 1 star review you gave.

Im always happy to accommodate to any users requests

Ok, yes. I was definitely expecting that...Looking forward to the next update.  Thanks

You should change the title of your post as it's misleading and slightly rude. I think this is a wonderful game / program. Games usually have acheivments or story mode. This is more of a creative way to waste time. And I love it. I don't have it but I am following it. 

Eh, I don't like it.

Of course, that's your opinion, thank you for changing the title :)