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Retro Launcher

Make your life a bit better, have some fun! · By SpaghettiLord1010

Pretty good!

A topic by Dreemore created Jul 22, 2019 Views: 100 Replies: 6
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A nice game and amazing structure!


Thank you soooo much for that nice words!

It can be thought to be a one-man show, but people like you make me fell like all the work pays off!

Have a great day! 

No problem! I wish you all the best for Retro Launcher! :D


Thank you! Maybe you apready know it, but I'm planning on both making the lone levels of platformer to a full game as well as creating a Deluxe version of Retro Launcher with another gamemode!

What will the gamemodd be called? Or is it a surprise?



It'll be a surprise!

I can just say, that it is an iconic game I kinda remake!

So get hyped while I'm making, it will take it's time though, I'll write again, once I can estimate a time!