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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

Good Game until the true ending came....

A topic by GamerGalactica created 64 days ago Views: 454 Replies: 1
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This game had me replay it 3 TIMES for all 3 endings that I found and I love the replayability in that. I also love the overall story  but.... that true ending felt pointless. I was so ready to embark on a journey to find her parents and either successfully find them or lose her memories trying but to find out that her memories were lost and she became this weird furry demon when I went into the secret room..... it just made me feel like "Why did I waste time playing this?" The gameplay got boring and repetitive fast but I can forgive that knowing that the game dev just used this as an exercise to learn how to make rpgs. I just saw so much potential in this game and felt let down. 

I believe she's going to make another one where the "handsome demon" and the one who caused the chaos and disembling of her world are going to be the main characters and much longer! She did make this longer than she intended to (which I appreciated), and I think it was absolutely wonderful. While you opinion was valid, I think it deserves loads of appreciation and great love for it being a test for her real thing. I loved it personally, sorry.