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I love what you have so far and I'm excited to see how the game evolves over time.

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Amazing game! As a Junji Ito fan, I see that you totally nailed the horror aspect and atmosphere his work has. I just wish this game was longer since I enjoyed it so much, but otherwise it's perfect as it is.

Really cute and surprisingly enjoyable game. I kept trying to keep the plants alive for as long as I could through a few playthroughs.

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Couldn't play at first until I pressed W on my Mac. Seems like this game plays using the WASD buttons on the keyboard. Hope this helped others with the same problem. Btw I loved this history lesson! 

Omg thanks! And lol yeah he could be like a Jean-Paul Marat. I didn't think of that until you said it.

Feels like a nice little homage to old typing games like The typing of the dead. This is cute and fun!

Omg lmaooooo! I love this soooo freaking much! This baby is now my spirit animal

WOW! I love this background and how creative you got with it. I had fun reading it and I think you had fun making it by that detailed background~

Omg I love your character background! It's so fun and hilarious! 

You're such a troll game dev. Bad game but nice trolling 

Loved the game but I can't get candy to go into the warehouse since I already grabbed a sample candy earlier in the game. It sucks I can't just use the candy I got earlier. 

I LOVED this game and how dark it gets fast. Admittedly I played this game by not doing my taxes so maybe that's why things got dark but I loved it regardless. 10/10

I loved this Twilight zone homage game! At least.... it felt like an homage lol. This was so cool and I'd love to see more added to it if you feel like it.

I finally found time to try the mac version again and it works! Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to fix the problem. 

Such a trolling game but I had fun playing since I knew the dev must've had fun too.... especially recording that weird series of noises for the start page.

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This game had me replay it 3 TIMES for all 3 endings that I found and I love the replayability in that. I also love the overall story  but.... that true ending felt pointless. I was so ready to embark on a journey to find her parents and either successfully find them or lose her memories trying but to find out that her memories were lost and she became this weird furry demon when I went into the secret room..... it just made me feel like "Why did I waste time playing this?" The gameplay got boring and repetitive fast but I can forgive that knowing that the game dev just used this as an exercise to learn how to make rpgs. I just saw so much potential in this game and felt let down. 

It's crazy how this is just a demo! I need a full on game and I'm willing to pay for it. The execution of this sensitive topic is just wonderful and I hope to see more!

This was an interesting experience and I'd love to see a full fledged version of the game if you choose to add on to it. 

Omg I loved this cute short game! Jo is my spirit animal for real lol! 

I played this a while ago and it really helped me understand how bad schizophrenia is for someone suffering from it. This game put me in their shoes and it did not feel good. Thanks for bringing more awareness to this topic!

This experience was really creepy and interesting! I really loved the ending and wanted to get out sooo bad. 

Omg that was soooo cute and fun to play! 

AAAAAAAA! This game is AMAZING and it's only in the demo stages! I really cared for the two brothers and I felt for them in that one scene towards the end (Can't spoil in the comments lol) It was fun to play and especially fun to watch the cutscenes. I hope this is turned into a full fledged game.

Hey I really want to play your game but I have a mac and the game files are only for windows, linux and pythonlib even though your link shows that it works for mac. I set my system preferences to allow unidentified apps but the link still doesn't work. If you have time, can you try to fix it? 

I LOVE this game so far. The execution of this concept feels so unique. I'm ready for this to be finished so I can see more character development for John. I really wanna root for John more! Also I don't trust the little "angel" girl. I trust the "demon" more right now

Besides that issue I like the game but yeah, I hope it gets fixed soon

I loved the gameplay and storyline but the characters kinda sucked for me along with the terrible voice acting for Rei. I also hated how Rei had to flirt with every guy like every few seconds even though I was more interested in the actual plot besides the romance plot. This game has potential but right now I'm not feeling it.

Not gonna lie, I was so ready to quit this game 5 minutes in until I started finding the hidden levels underground about the female bird and the creepy bones of other birds. This was an interesting experience. Also, thanks for the new word to my vocab, estuary lol

This game was sooooo good even though this is just the demo! It had so much replayability with each death and it was just so fun to play! I need answers to the story behind this game's pizzeria!!!!

I LOVED this game! Honestly I love the powerful message it sends about this issue and I loved learning some of Poland's history. This game needs more exposure and recognition. Good going devs! 

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Great game but I wish there were more endings. I'm currently doing well for my town and yet I can't keep playing this forever. And I don't want to ruin my town on week 14 just to get an ending. Maybe if you do well enough, the Knights that came to slay the demon have a chance to attack? 

Edit: Ohhhhhh I just saw in the Youtube video below that to end it, my villagers have to lose faith in the demon. I didn't know that

I really like how creepy this experience was! I knew I was dead when the door stopped working. 

I LOVED playing through this game! I kept laughing the whole time at all the memes and I just wanted to know more about you as the game dev because I felt like you definitely love memes, shrimp and anime. lol. Btw, you're the best for that Yeet me out of here at the main menu. *Dies from meme aesthetics*

Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I admit I was scared of the kid a bit at first but thankfully I trusted him enough for the True ending. I got it after I got the 4th ending after I ran from him because I needed to see if running away would kill me. Spoiler, it did.

I love everything about this game! I loved the art style, the overall concept, and character development but most importantly the storyline. I love a good plot twist and this game did that in the best way possible. Keep up the good work.

I loved the art style, the characters, the story, just everything. The way the story was written felt so real along with the characters personalities and reactions to certain situations. I can not wait to see this as a full game. The only suggestion i would make is adding in some convenience store music and sound effects but other than that this game is amazing. Keep up the good work!

You are not alone. I can't restart the game no matter how many times i uninstall and install it. HELP PLEASE!

So far this game is great. I enjoyed the art as well as the comical aspect in the game. Can't wait to see more. Keep up the good work.

It was short, funny, and interesting. I loved how the main character Dowie could care less about who murdered the janitor, he just wants his distritube fixed. His personality along with the character designs of the npcs is what drew me into this game.