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Various bugs i've noticed

A topic by collierider12 created Dec 10, 2016 Views: 215 Replies: 1
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I've noticed that there are a few bugs (at least in the version i played) that would be really nice to fix.

1. any range unit 100% misses their attack if the enemy is diagonal to them.

2. sometimes buffs and healers will attack friendly units with their abilities instead of do what their supposed too.

3.sometimes spots open up on the map that aren't supposed to be there (like the ability to move over a chasm because enemies are covering the bridge.)

4. sometimes when a unit has finished attacking, i can't do anything until I reselect the unit, but it doesn't give any indication when this happens so sometimes i might just stick on the map screen for a few moments until i fix it.

5. crashes... lots and lots of crashes.

these are only some of the problems i've noticed. the game has a LOT of potential and these are a few things that could be fixed to really improve the experience.


Thanks for reporting all these issues!