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Why does this have an erotic tag?

This game is definitely off to a good start. Only thing i'll say is that if you make it to the door and Frankie catches you as it fades to black, it still empties your inventory.

Other than that, great game so far. One suggestion I'll make is to maybe expand the floor or add multiple floors for future installments as the current building would get crowded very quickly with four animatronics.

Ayo, this was a surprise to see today!

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Damn :/ was really looking forward to seeing more scenes from this game.

This really about to become the new main project, lol!

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I started the game and every girl was already restrained in the tube trap, couldn't switch damsels or anything. was this intentional

I can definitely see this being the basis for a good game, but the one big thing I think should be addressed is the cleaners, or more specifically, the lack of them. There definitely needs to be more options to buy cleaners.  

if you don't mind me asking, where's the secret in the first room? I can't seem to find it.

Question, how do you get the 7th secret? Is there one in the first portal or in the tutorial area? cause i swear I've found all the ones in the main area and in the second portal.

You run up against a wall while holding shift and press spac

Basically, just run back to the area you started at and run through the fire walls in between the two pillars. You should see the exit after that.

This was a pretty good game, but i got some bugs in my play. After the wind glyph unlock i couldn't go through the next portal, and after 4 or so captures, both the models broke and just T-posed into each other during the caught scene. Other than that, very promising game.

can we a get a checkpoint mode? Like, after you get caught, you can just reset to the last flag you crossed?

So will there be more animatronics added or is it just Chica?

I like the direction it's going in, only thing i recommend is a way to distract the enemies, since it seems like there's only one way around them and that's by tanking damage.

Cant wait!

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Quick question, how do you get the different endings? is it a timer system or something?

I thought of an interesting reward system for this game (should you be interested.) Basically, a system where the longer you survive, the better your game over animation is.

So, less than 60 seconds gets you basically nothing, 60 sec+ gets you a basic handjob. 2 mins gets you a bj, so on and so forth. 

Other than that. Games a fun little time waster.

Are there any other scenes besides becoming naked? If so, how do you find them, cause i'm having trouble?

It's mostly NSFW from the secret and ending 2. You get those by getting over a certain score per level for 100%, and then getting under 15 mins total for all 3 levels for secret.

Tothehole community · Created a new topic Some glitches
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heyo! I found a few glitches on android. 

1.When you go the gallery, only one monster spawns and you also don't have a dick, preventing you from seeing the scenes. Also a pink square follows you around and there's a box at the top saying "you are not authenticated to log in."

2. I think 2 of the monsters are stuck outside the room cause there's one monster that just rubs up against the outside of the wall.

3. Sometimes game overs will start and end instead of giving you the retry symbol. Not sure what causes that one.

decided to try windows and it had some of it's own glitches.

1. Same animation glitch where it just plays both animations without input.

2. Gallery has the android control scheme instead of windows, plus all the other glitches i mentioned.

3. When playing the game regularly, You have to tap WASD in order to move instead of just holding it down and moving. Also, your dick spawns away from your body.

If i may make a suggestion, for the scenes that are actively unlockable, can you put a hint on how to get them when you hover over them.

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So i got the 6 rings and made it to the exit with the chastity key but i just went through the door, nothing happened. did i miss something? also, how do i get the tails scene? I know how to get the piranha plant scene, but like someone else pointed out, you can't use the keypad in game for some reason.

Is there an alternate ending for getting all the carrots, cause i swear i can't get the 5th carrot above the chasm.

Press wasd in the office a bunch until she gets dizzy and goes away.

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I'm not sure if it's a bug or the way the head is in the animation, but the ghost animation for when she captures you seems to be broken. There's a lot of clipping, and the guys penis doesn't even angle into the ghost girl. Also, when you ejaculate the animation keeps going.

It's a nice short little game. only thing i'd have to say is that i wish there were different scenes if you tripped over something or got caught.

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Found a glitch on android. If you somehow go over your energy limit, the game starts to just accept every girl that comes on the conveyor belt.

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It may be basic, but the fundamentals are there and i can see its potential! One small thing i'd recommend is adding a jumpscare animation instead of just the screamer. So in the nurses case, have her laughing while she jabs the needle in the protag's neck, causing him to black out, where it then fades in to the sex scene.

just a small suggestion, other than that, promising game so far! 👍

Found a bug. if you collect the final power pellet and hit the girls with the stun bomb and then grab them, it won't play the falling down animation or allow you to select them for the lewd animation. not sure if it had been reported or not yet.

Question, where is the vip pass to unlock the door to coco's area? I cant seem to find it.

Damn... Oh well, it was still a pretty good game idea. Hopefully one day you can pick it up again or put a different spin on it that's successful.

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So i finished playing the new demo, and i do have to say there's a lot of promise. still pretty barebones but the mechanics are there. one small thing i'd like to point out is that it was pretty confusing finding where the elevator was since it wasn't marked with anything special. also there was a bug where if she pushed you, but didn't jump directly on top of you, even after you did the qte, you wouldnt get up.

ETA: i also noticed two other things, she will only ride you for a couple of seconds before getting up again, regardless if you complete the QTE. also, when the bar is drained and she knocks you over, some blue text saying morreu would pop up, not sure what that meant.

alright, can't wait to see how the game has progressed when the new version drops!

Will this version have any lewds or is it to show off more of the mechanics?

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question, what do i do with the milk.

nvm, figured out it was for the wheel.

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You drag the charm to the top right on the equipment menu

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Game doesnt seem to have a fail state on android. Even if i run out of hearts on scary mode, or time on fun mode, the game over never triggers.

While incredibly basic, i think you do have some decent building blocks to work with.

I cant really comment much since, as you pointed out, this is only a prototype.