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The game was a tower defense game that had stick figures (though, they were more like box-stick figures) and you played with a bow and arrow. You moved from location to location trying to stop a curse or something from taking over. It has multiple endings based on how well you do.

In one ending, if you fail on a carriage, you get thrown off and I think a werewolf rips your head off (there's no gore though, it just kind of pops off.) Another bad ending is you get to the destination but you fail and a fairy blows everything up. It's kind of a very weird game, but i want to find it again, so if anyone knows what I am talking about, please tell me the name.

You need a program like winrar or 7 zip to open it and then extract it, both programs are free.

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So after a while of playing, i do have a few things to say about this game (Also, I apologize if this seems very late, i didn't learn about the game until like 2 days ago):

1. I really like the concept of this game. The idea of you being your worst enemy is something that I find very interesting and I wish more games explored. I would like to see more of this game I.E a few more maps and maybe a horror and non-horror mode.

2.  The car handles really well.... except when it doesn't, when the car hits something, it automatically turns to rubber and just bounces off of everything. so if your going perpendicular to a car, and they slightly nudge you, you do a full burnout instead of just slightly angling away from the car you hit. It's especially bad when you hit the barriers sometimes, because you'll want to go down one of the shortcuts, but as soon as you hit the barrier, you go careening into the nearest wall. Again, I like the way the game handles, but the bounce physics really need a tuning.

3.The atmosphere is great, using saturated colors combined with high contrast makes everything your doing highly visible, so when you don't see something coming, it wasn't because you couldn't actually see it, it was just because you weren't looking at it, I.E it's not the games fault, it's YOUR fault.

4. I really wish there was a mute button for the sound. As much as i like the sound of squealing tired and roaring engines, I don't really like the sound of the background. Now, i understand the reason, as this was approached as a horror games, but honestly, after a few runs and hearing the droning soundtrack, I wish I could just turn it off and play something else in another tab.

Alright, so if this game were to be worked on more, a few things i would like to see added are: A few more maps, an ability to switch between a normal mode and a night mode (A.K.A classic mode.), The ability to mute music and sound, or at least just the music, and while not really that important, maybe the ability to switch the color of your car.

I really like this game, I think it is a really cool concept that I believe should be explored more, hell, if there was an updated version with all the stuff I mentioned before, I would literally buy it from somewhere like steam. But overall, great game, great concept.

I've noticed that there are a few bugs (at least in the version i played) that would be really nice to fix.

1. any range unit 100% misses their attack if the enemy is diagonal to them.

2. sometimes buffs and healers will attack friendly units with their abilities instead of do what their supposed too.

3.sometimes spots open up on the map that aren't supposed to be there (like the ability to move over a chasm because enemies are covering the bridge.)

4. sometimes when a unit has finished attacking, i can't do anything until I reselect the unit, but it doesn't give any indication when this happens so sometimes i might just stick on the map screen for a few moments until i fix it.

5. crashes... lots and lots of crashes.

these are only some of the problems i've noticed. the game has a LOT of potential and these are a few things that could be fixed to really improve the experience.