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[Artist][Unreal Engine Programmer] Looking For Developers and Designers

A topic by gret created Dec 09, 2016 Views: 114
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I started prototyping a unique game idea a while back and now that I have come to a road block in my own skill set I thought it would be a good idea to recruit some other developers and designers. The core concept and mechanics of the game are pretty simple and I actually have a bit of them prototyped out but I will need some much more specialized minds than my own to actually complete a well polished version. The concept is a competitive multiplayer game that combines physics based melee combat with team work and an objective based game mode. A huge inspiration for the game's combat is Gangbeasts, which should give you an idea of the direction. What I am looking for in a team is 2 experienced Unreal Engine programmers, a full stack artist that can do some basic concept art and also some 3D modeling, and then finally a rigger/animator. The scope of the project isn't that ridiculous but the reason I am not trying to do it all myself is because I think it will be much more realistic if I actually intend on finishing it, and I do, to assemble a team. If you are interested I have a concept document I can link you and also a repository on bitbucket with some of the basic mechanics prototyped. email me at