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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Place to put suggestions?

A topic by Portski created Dec 07, 2016 Views: 300 Replies: 3
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Hey, I just got this game, and started a YouTube series on it, and I just had a few suggestions, and one bug. so I was wondering where should I post these? Or if I should start a topic about it? But I'm liking the game so far!!

Developer (Edited 1 time)

I'm going to try and get the community section organized into categories, for bug reports, suggestions/requests, general update info posts etc - but for now feel free to just slap it in here! Or you could put it into the thread a few down that user PurpleCow started, where some people have been posting their suggestions.

Okay thanks! so,

the bug is that if you place a building, storage, or anything then stand on it, it wont build right? but if you get off and jump back on before it finishes, it will place the building and you will be inside it. maybe make it so that if anyone is standing on a half built building, it will stop until you get off? and the suggestions, change the water machines description, it says that it does nothing, but if you put ice in it, it fills up the water, and the water makes any plants grow. maybe to "Holds water for Plant life" or something. i would like to see multiple saves also, that way i can play more than one game at a time. last suggestion, a small build able like the lights, a flag, made from maybe 1 grass, and a scrap metal. or just a scrap metal. the flag wouldn't do anything, just to be used for many purposes, create a path of flags, map out territory, (for multiplayer, would like to see that too).

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