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Version without visualization/Just data output

A topic by NomenNescio created 43 days ago Views: 230 Replies: 2
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Hi there!

First of all: Awesome work! This is the best town generator I have ever seen!

Now my question/problem: In the last few days I have tried and tried to translate your algorithm in another programming language, but openfl won't let me - or maybe it is the fact, that I have never heard about HaXe before (here in Germany "Haxe" is something to eat XD ).

Do you have a not-visualized version of your code which could be translated with HaXe or even by hand? I would love to implement the generation in a project of mine but I need the point/vector represantation to make it work. A text-output would also be enough for me ^^

Thanks in advance and keep up your good work!



Sorry, there is no version without visualization. It wouldn't be hard to create one as generation is separated from presentation well enough, but I doubt it would help with translation - drawing resulting shapes on a screen is just a small part of the project. In case it helps you, for generation only you'll need classes in packages geom, towngenerator.building, towngenerator.wards and some of utils classes.

People ask me from time to time how to translate the generator to JavaScript or Python automatically, but I know little about this stuff and I'm not aware of any successes. Maybe I'll try to do it by hand at some point.


I am also interested in a separated version but for the opposite reason, I would like to be able to use you visualization tool but also for (at least partially) handmade maps