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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Fight for justice in NALE, an anime-themed graphic adventure game! · By Tanuki-sama Studios

Awesome Game in the Style of Phoenix Wright

A topic by Trryan5 created Jul 07, 2019 Views: 205 Replies: 1
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I had a great time playing the first case.  Fans of the Phoenix Wright series will feel at home with the controls, which follows the pattern of pressing witnesses for more information and presenting evidence to point out contradictions.  There's a cute classroom segment at the end of the case where the characters speak directly to the player, similar to the end of an episode in some anime series.  Right now, there's only one short case, but I would dearly love to see this blossom into a full game.  


Thanks so much, Trryan5! It's always great to hear when people like the game and get the references.

Chapter 2 is well on the way, and will hopefully be launching in the next few weeks!