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[Music Composer/Producer] Musician looking for projects to contribute to!

A topic by TheAngelinMe created Dec 05, 2016 Views: 138
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I've been working in music for over three years, having written three albums and two EPs (with more underway) as The Angel in Me. My talents span many genres (as well as moods), which prominent influence from EDM, rock, metal and film soundtracks. Chiptune, as well as faux-acoustic and electronic are possible for me to produce. I love to experiment, so polyrhythms, odd time signatures, weird scales and instruments are fun to play with, as long as they fit

I intend to charge US$5 per track of around three minutes. I would be happy to negotiate pricing to suit your project's needs, especially if you have special circumstances (such as multiple tracks, a very long track or multiple short tracks). I can send you the final product in many file formats, such as .mp3, .flac, .wav and .ogg if you so wish. It would help for you to give as much information when you contact me so that I can suit the musical piece to your project (things like mood, theme, context, style, origin, possible gameplay videos and/or links to similar media). I further intend to give you sufficient demos of the final product before I send you the final copy in the hopes that you are happy with the final product to the standard you deserve.

The best way to contact me is via my e-mail, though posting in this thread will work just as well. Any work I take on will be prioritised so that your final product will be delivered as soon as possible.

Finally, below are two song demos that highlight generally the styles of music I create. I would love to branch out into different directions and become a better composer as this progresses~

Thank you so much for supporting me!