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Part 1 Let's Play & feedback

A topic by DotSlashFrag created Jul 05, 2019 Views: 127
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Hey there! This game was pretty fun. There were definitely a couple spots that got me freaked out. We are patiently awaiting any news of Part 2.

Watch our playthrough on YouTube:

As for feedback:

  • I think it defintley works if the player doesn't try to rush through... but we missed  the chance to do things because I guess we prrogressed to far into the game. Such as the tea party. We never got a chance to do it after we triggered the win condition. 
  • Skippable cinematics would be good. Too many times I accidentally hit the button thinking I was going to examine something  else to be put back into the same cinematic. 
  • There were places I accidentially clicked too fast and skipped dialouge. Some sort of "history" to see past dialogue would be cool!

Outside of that feedback I think the overall experience was great!