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I love this. Is there a way to make longer songs? IDK how feasible it is due to how real music boxes work. But it would be lovely to be able to do. 

It may also be nice to have a way to just press a or something to auto play. I am able to kind of do this in edit mode by holding down on the d pad but not in play mode.

This is a fun little game! We failed hard...and couldn't get the first ending.

This game is a ton of fun with 4 players! I would recommend it, you can even play online with Parsec or Steam Remote Play.

Check out one of our videos :D

Don't sleep on this game. It's immensely fun  (and ridiculous 🤣)!

Thanks for making such a goofy game 🤣

This game is still fun. Can't wait for Last Man Sitting!

Well, this was certainly an.... experience. 🤣🤣🤣

Dropping a link to our unboxing of the awesome Special Edition bundle here on Itch!

Thanks again for such a unique experience, album and hot sauce!

This game is a LOT of fun. Can't wait to see what kind of nonsense future updates bring <3

This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game starts at 12:22 😁

This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game starts at 11:03 😁

This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game starts at 9:56 😁

This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game starts at 8:27 😁

This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game starts at 5:46 😁

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This was a fun time 🤣🤣 Happy Thanksgiving! Game Starts at 1:05 😁

the game won't launch for me, stuck at 90% loading

We had a fun time playing this game :D

Excellent voice overs 😍. This game was an absolute gem within the Dread X Collection 2. Can't wait to experience more of your work!

We played the demo and LOVED it. With some polish this could definitely rival the likes of Towerfall!

The concept behind this game is really fun. We can't wait to see what sort of content and polish comes out of it! The co-op aspect of this game is a 10/10 experience.

The combat in this game is great and we would love to see it expanded upon! Thanks for making a game and bringing awareness to other parts of the world about such a bad event.

This game has some great potential! It's super bare bones at the moment...but fun was had! 🤣🤣

This game has very spooky vibes. The walk to work had me on edge the entire time (not a fan of the dark) 🙈🙈🙈!

🤣🤣 We will have to play more and find the side quest! As frustrating as it is for us to play this type of game together, it was definitely fun and unique! 😎

This game is absolutly bonkers. Our friend group is NOT good at working it was a challenge but we made it to the end

We made a video :)

Thanks for making something so unique. 🤩

This game is an EXPERIENCE. 

I'd suggest playing this before you watch anything about it. If you don't have the luxury, here is a video for your viewing pleasure.  🥰

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This game is lowkey aamzing. We have been looking for a game to "settle" our disputes and I think we found it. 🤣

Watch us destroy each other:

We had some performance issues on the main menu and first 30 seconds after... beyond that the game ran well! We did have some weird glitch where the camera kept drifting off to the side and down by itself. We never got the the "end" because we're bad. 😢 It was definitely an experience. 🥰

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This game is both amazing and friendship ruining. 

This game was a delightful experience. Every run made us want more! It was hard to turn off. 🤣 You can see for yourself if you are interested!

This game is a ton of fun! The grabbing mechanic is some of the most fun we have had in a LONG time. 🤣🤣Please continue with this concept so we can play more :D Here is a video of us dieing laughing at 5am.

This game is so much fun! Thank you for the unique experience. 😎

This game is amazing. The amount you can customize it is mind boggling. We spent about 15 minutes just picking out what colors we wanted to use! Here is our gameplay video from the spine-chilling story of school scissors difficulty. We will most def be playing this more and more. <3

Thanks for making it :D

This game is a lot of fun! There are few games nowadays that make me want to jump into a run right away. Good work! We look forward to the updates that will come. :)