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why can i not move

A topic by jjobbers created 54 days ago Views: 60 Replies: 1
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i start the game of go into a simple game and i spawn in, i notice im lower then the counter and cant move cant open settings cant get my hammer out why

Good chance its because of older version saves
if you haven't already gotten it solved you can check the FAQ 0.1.1 stickied post, the Discord post I left here that ported over a list of issues from discord
or join the discord and view the posts there (I added a link in the post here that ported the discord post, I believe, that comment linked an additional post that had an image to sorta guide a user to the older savefiles, but if I didn't, such a post is (albeit older and further up the list) present in the links channel on discord)

Also, If you run into problems after that, or can't get it work still with or without that, if you're in the discord you can dm me about the issue(s) and I can try and help