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A topic by Sultaisolution created Jun 28, 2019 Views: 906 Replies: 1
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Maybe I'm slow because this is my first 4X game, but how do I get troops on my cargo ship?  I've tried moving a unit to my cargo ship directly adjacent from land to water, I've tried moving the ship back to land. The Embark button never lights up. Apologies for being simple, but I'm lost and have just gained interest in the game.



Cargoships are not used to transport troops, but only used to trade resources between coastal cities.

You must use other ships to transport troops:

  • Caravel = 1 land unit
  • Frigate = 1 land unit
  • Ironclad = 1 land unit
  • Battleship = 2 land units
  • Destroyer = 2 land units
  • Carrier = 4 land / flying units
  • Missile Cruiser = 2 missiles
  • Nuclear Submarine = 1 missile

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