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Cargoships are not used to transport troops, but only used to trade resources between coastal cities.

You must use other ships to transport troops:

  • Caravel = 1 land unit
  • Frigate = 1 land unit
  • Ironclad = 1 land unit
  • Battleship = 2 land units
  • Destroyer = 2 land units
  • Carrier = 4 land / flying units
  • Missile Cruiser = 2 missiles
  • Nuclear Submarine = 1 missile

Best Regards


Hi. Send me an email at, I'll send you the file used in the game. Thank you

I just re-uploaded the binaries, I let you test it, it should work correctly now. Thank you

ok, I'll check it. Thank you



  • Bugs introduced in v1.19 (game crashed because of world wonders)
  • AirTransport action (troops could "airtransport" from anyplace)
  • All Buildings special features, like Great Lighthouse
  • Fixed Movement Bonus (it was +1, but should be +10)


- "EndOfTurn" button did not refresh sometimes
- Hubble Telescope did not remove the Fog of War
- Trade Menu in City
- Uniqueness of World Wonders
- AI Tactics
- Game crashed when attacking a catapult
- Moon Buildings constructed in an old party transfered in a new party
- All new City's Name as "New City"

- Added ProgressBar in EndOfTurn Button (to see AI Progression)
- Added 2 more musics

- Unity3d Engine (can fix crashes on some devices)


You just need to be registered.

Then, create a new party, select the party mode "Online".

To join a party, click at the main menu "Continue/Join", then "Online".


  • NEW:
    • Moon Exploration: 2 buildings, Resources Extractor and Rocket Launcher. They need energy, so you must first construct an Energe Module
  • FIXED:
    • Game crashes
    • Lan Party: Now listen on all network cards

Best Regards


Patch v1.16

  • NEW:
    • Can see your units and enemy units on MiniMap
  • FIXED:
    • 3D object was missing for small Industrial City 

Patch v1.15

  • NEW:
    • Auto Save : Choose which turn
    • Start Era
    • Resources rarity 
  •  FIXED:
    • AI Diplomacy : Ally request
    • Game crashes because of the Caravans, when taking a city or destroying a city and when loading a party 

 Next Release: 

  • Moon Exploration

Best Regards


Patch v1.13

  • Fixed: "End of Turn" button that switches to a deleted unit
  • Fixed: Bugs introduced in v1.11
  • Fixed: Unit Promotion notification for workers
  • Updated: Now floating cities cannot be razed

Best Regards


Patch v1.11 has been deployed.

Release Note:

- Can raze a city
- Can see buildings already constructed in a city and can destroy them
- Caravan and CargoShip can move
- "End Of Turn" button just cycles only once, all units without action and cities without construction
- Added technologies required to make armies in help page
- Game crashes when a city with traderoutes is taken or destroyed
- Game crashes because of bad translations
- AI Diplomacy
- Duplicate players in the list
- Players have duplicate abilities

I added a confirmation window when you quit the map editor.

Best Regards


Hi. Thanks for your feedback.

1. Normally, smallest map should work, its size should be 32 x 24. I'll check it.

2. I'll check this bug too

3. and 4. If you want to see more information about a building, there is a blue question button. Is it what you are looking for ?

5. I already fixed some missing translations, but I can send you the file used in the game. Contact me at Thanks again

Best Regards