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Bugs report Sticky

A topic by MakhamDev created Jun 28, 2019 Views: 354 Replies: 4
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Report any bugs by reply on this post. You can check list of known bugs in bug tracker here

When reporting bug:

  1. Make sure the game is on latest build.
  2. Be clear of what happen.
  3. Post screenshot if bug is visual.
  4. Check if bug is already reported (bug tracker :

This topic is for bug reporting only, please don't post something unrelated. -MakhamDev

You stay stationary when standing on moving platforms.

Also that jump is painfuly hard, and there needs to be a checkpoint for when you pass it.

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1.I have completed the quest to staple bread onto the tree at the Colosseum and send the girl the picture multiple times, yet she still thinks i haven't done anything

2.After a day, I cant shop from the dude that sells staples and bread

hope this helps you!

While playing, my character drowned, and now i keep respawning with no health and dying 3 seconds later, where i then respawn with no health again on loop