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That’s weird, thanks for reporting.

Noted, will be fix in the next version.

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Bugs are being fix in the beta version first. So even tho it’s said to be less stable, sometime it has fix for the bug in the stable one.

Every itch purchase already comes with a Steam key. You can redeem the Steam key on the download page. More information can be see here

Are you on beta branch?

It’s a bug in 1.13.1 that fixed in the latest beta 1.13.8. You can wait for the next stable release (1.14) or opt in to the beta branch on Steam to test it.

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You can add fluid using “add fluid” node with some image as a brush.

For more information about fluid sim, you can check out this tutorial:

Thanks for reporting, there seem to be a bug with render, I’ll fix it.

You can use Render sprite sheet node to create sprite sheet.

Noted about this crash. I’m not sure what you mean by the title as I don’t know Spanish. From Google translate I’d assume you’re asking about the older version. I only keep about 2 older versions to not clutter the page. Also opening older version can corrupt save file.

Does nothing shows up in notification when you press export at all? I checked in 1.13.2 and found no problem. Also I bring 1.13.1 back in the download page.

Sure, I’ve added it to the todo list.

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I’ve already issue the refund. So you might want to check for the refund after sometime. Also what antivirus you use? so I can submit the exe file to them to make sure they won’t block it in the future.

Yes, both version will be updated at the same time. The only different is the Steam version have access to Steam workshop.

Sure, I just send a refund request to support. I’m not sure how long it’ll take since I’ve never done this before. But I’ll update if they reply.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve update pre-release 12 which should fix both problems.

Thank you for your interest in Pixel Composer. Mac version is planned in the future.

I’ve delete a lot of files prior to this. But I haven’t check how many files I actually need for the conversion. Will do it for the next version. It should be fine as long as I keep the LICENSE.txt and a proper attribution (Which I haven’t yet, oh no, will add in the about page).

Yes, the Steam version will comes out later this month. The key comes first.

I’ll take a look at it, thank for reporting.

Thank you for your suggestion (and promotion as well)!

I’ve been thinking about the trail, smear effect as well, right now I want to make thing as modular as possible, but some effect (like smear) it might be better to just create a node specifically for it. I’ll consider adding it in the next version.

Regarding the second point. That’s a bug and I’m working on it. Thank you for reporting!

Thanks for reporting! I’ll fix it soon.

Are you using the latest (1.12.1) version? I can break down the step for you:

  1. Right click and type “export”, this will create export node. When you create export node a dialog will appear. This dialog allow you to select where to save. You can then click on “execute node” to save image.


  1. Right click on the preview and select “save current preview as…”. This will create the same dialog, where you can choose where to save image to.

Yes, you can generate height map, convert it to normal map, and use it to light up the image as below:

That’s a good point. I’ll have to think about that. Thanks for your suggestion!

By “shading” you mean the glow effect on red color right? You can do that with node like this.

Another way to do this is by using bloom node with bloom mask.

It seem this dialog will appear if you don’t have Visual Studio installed. I think I might fix it in 1.12.1 ( but I can’t test (since I have VS installed). Please download and run it again if the dialog disappeared.

Hmmm, can you download ucrtbased.dll and placed in the same directory as the executable? It probably some extension I build as a debug mode. I’ll update the fix soon.

That’s a error, you should be able to use open as to open file in PXC, I’ll look in to it.

Let’s go one by one:

  • The path property should be editable, unless you’re connecting it to other node (image below) then the value will be controlled by that node. You can also click on the folder icon to open file explorer.

  • The exporter node has to be trigger manually by clicking on the “execute node” button.

  • Also another way to save image is by double click on the node (to preview it) and in the preview panel, right click and select “save current preview as…”

  • If you still can’t export, please send me the screenshot of your project so that I can diagnose further, thank you.

Yes, for example If you have different parts and want to randomly combine them you can create node like this:

You can also create new sprite from scratch, like this video I’ve made here.

I’ve updated the link to never expire. As you can see I’m still very new to Discord. Gotta have to change all video descriptions too.

I’ve requested a payout on 29 December 2022 (payout id 93062). It’s been 27 days now and the status is still “in-review”. I’ve sent an email to itch support on 18 January 2023 (request id 140598), a week later and I got nothing.

I understand that the payout is reviewed manually, so it can take longer than usual. But it’s been almost one month now and my email is being ignored for a week. Can I get an update on my payout request please, thank you.

Thank you! I’m a bit hesitant to create Discord server since I rarely use Discord myself. But I got other people telling me to make one as well so I might try it soon.

Just did that, thanks for the reminder.

Thank you for reporting! I’ve fix the first bug in the latest patch (

For the second one, I can’t replicate the bug, so I just fix according to the crash log. Please check again on your machine if it still exist, thank you.

Hmm… there seem to be a bug in image sequence export. I’m working on a fix, it should be roll out in version 1.1.0 soon. Thanks for reporting.

Alright, the first one seems to be a bug with the pixel cloud node in general, I’ll look into it.

The dialog bug will be fix in the next version as sell. Thank for reporting!

Thank for reporting. Can you show me your node?

You can use relative path just by renaming the path property (see how the image is saved in getting started project for example). Pixel Composer will search for the same directory of the project first, then search for the entire device.

Unfortunately you can’t change the path property of an image array. In the current version (v1.0.9) you have to edit the save file by opening the .pxc file in a text editor and replace the path manually.

The save file is simply a single line .json file, in vscode, you can use beautify to format it and search for absolute paths.