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Alpha 2.1 Update

A topic by AvrGames created Nov 28, 2016 Views: 96
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Greetings everybody! Today I bring you an update of the Alpha 2, the Alpha 2.1.
I've been working on a new Room system. Now, you won't have to go object by object to select the room they belong to, you will just have to clic the objects one time! And, there are more objects that can belong to the rooms. The visual objects that belong to a room will increase the room price. For example, a sink will increase in 7€ the base room price. Let's go to the features!


  • Now, you can only have 1 information window opened (like guests, workers, boxes or stores).
  • New Management Window (pressing "M"), which includes: room management system (completely new), supply system, open/close the hotel.
  • For every room you add, you'll have to pay 100€.
  • Changed supplies prices. Now, all supplies cost 750€ (with a box of drinks, 50 drinks x 20€ for every drink a guest buys, you'll earn 250€).
  • The room prices now is calculated with the visual objects the room has. You can get up to 42€ for every completed room, + 150€ + 10 x prestige - time the guest has been mad. For example, a room that is completed in a 5 stars hotel and in a perfect condition guest, will give 42+150+50=242€ for every guest.


  • Better image resolution in building mode GUI.
  • Polished the system by which the guests requested rooms.
  • Fixed bugs with civilians when loading a game.
  • Save/load system polished (now, its saves a lot faster when there aren't so many objects).
  • Cleaner following unbuilt cleaner shelfs fixed.
  • Resized wall collision box, in order to fix some AI problems (like guests going between a light and a wall).
  • Fixed a bug in which the money per hour of cookers showed on the workers window was lower than the expected.

I'll try to get more updates like this, in order to prepare to the Alpha 3!

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