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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames

About after ending content !

A topic by Alstier created 88 days ago Views: 149 Replies: 1
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(i'm foreigner so my english might be a bit bad)

After I fininshed the game many times I have some problem.

1) After settling up with someone in 'My collection' page you will unlock the necklace and  character's costume (something nudity lol) right ? but Is it happened only with Jake, Dan, Carlos, James and Adam ? Are there anyway to unlock this function for other support character like Nate or Elliot

2) Nikil has a 'Body hair' option in 'Preferences' but I had restart for about 20 times but still can't find him took off any pieces of his costume is the route really there ?

3) The 3rd is only my opinion I love Nikil If you have a plan for update a new route I'll looking forward it and Robert  also (yes I knew he's an asshole) but homophobia type guy has many interest things in their head I would like to see him more. (just a little disappointed)

4) This game is great thanks I did a donation for a while and still play it sometimes, Today I found the new route you're such a good writer love you.  looking forward for your next game.


1) Nate, Elliot, and Nikhil have accessory pieces and nude options that unlock when you get the good endings for all four standard routes, but no bonus scenes, as they do not have routes

2) Nikhil is shirtless in a scene and can be naked in his profile if you unlock the option (as per 1 above)

3) Nikhil is straight. Robert is also straight. They will not be routes.

4) I'm glad you enjoyed it!