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Silver, a font for games

A free* pixel font for Latin, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cherokee, Runic, Cyrillic, and other character sets. 路 By Poppy Works

Currently Supported Unicode Blocks Sticky Locked

A topic by Poppy Works created Jun 19, 2019 Views: 2,565
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Here are all of the currently supported Unicode Blocks:

  • Basic Latin 
  • Latin-1 Supplement 
  • Latin Extended-A (partial)
  • Spacing Modifier Letters (partial)
  • Combining Diacritical Marks (partial)
  • Greek and Coptic (rework scheduled)
  • Cyrillic (basic)
  • Runic 
  • Cherokee
  • General Punctuation (partial)
  • Superscripts and Subscripts (partial)
  • Letterlike Symbols (partial)
  • Number Forms (partial)
  • Arrows (partial)
  • Mathematical Operators (partial)
  • Miscellaneous Technical (partial)
  • Box Drawing (partial)
  • Block Elements (partial)
  • Geometric Shapes  (partial)
  • Miscellaneous Symbols (partial)
    • Chess Sets, dice, etc
  • Dingbats (partial)
  • CJK Symbols and Punctuation (partial)
  • Hiragana (partial)
  • Katakana (partial)
  • Hangul Compatibility Jamo 
  • Enclosed CJK Letters and Months (partial)
  • CJK Compatibility (partial)
  • CJK Unified Ideographs (partial)
  • Hangul Syllables (partial)
  • CJK Compatibility Ideographs  (partial)
  • Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms  (partial)
  • Linear B Syllabary 
  • Linear B Ideograms 
  • Playing Cards (extended)
    • Complete Playing Card and Tarot set.
    • Additional Glyphs: 馃偘馃儉馃儛
  • Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs (partial)
  • Enclosed Alphanumerics (partial)
    • This block is severely altered. Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad icons are located here.
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