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How to Use Mask for STM?

A topic by ConnorVK created Jun 18, 2019 Views: 184 Replies: 2
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Hi there!

I'm having an issue getting my mask to recognize STM, probably because Unity doesn't recognize it as a UI element:

It's currently set up as a scroll view that supports Unity UI and I can't get it to mask STM. I've tried utilizing the built in support STM has for masking, but neither option (inside or outside) seems to effect whether the text is visible or not. How should the scene be set up to mask the text? I tried adding my own depth mask, but that relies on the object having a renderer, which my STM objects don't have. Thanks in advance!



If you open the inspector for the material bu clicking on it in the project window, there are some additional settings that should effect masks. I was able to get STM to behave appropriately inside of a scroll view by changing the "mask comparison" value to "3" from the initial "8", and setting the "mask mode" to "Inside". I hope this works for you!

Thanks so much, this fixed my issue!