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Dungeon Kit - Make Zelda-like Games (Unity Asset)!

A topic by Sam Penberthy created Nov 26, 2016 Views: 2,610 Replies: 1
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Hello! I've recently finished making an asset for the Unity Asset Store that allows you to make zelda-like games! Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. It seems the most appropriate for this!


With this kit, you can create your own zelda-like dungeons by dragging and dropping puzzles, items, enemies etc. without needing to code! There's a lot of cool features this kit has to offer:

  • Drag 'n' drop puzzles + solutions into your dungeon and hook them up super easily!
  • Player Controller with a nice feel and easy-to-customize settings (speed, acceleration etc.)
  • Enemy AI: Strategic OR Zombie-like (easily changed in the Editor) w/ navmesh support.
  • Melee Combat + Shield Blocking.
  • Pickup and throw objects like pots.
  • Awesome items and weapons such as throwable bombs and a grapple hook!
  • Doors that can be easily configured to only open with Keys or a Boss Key.
  • Top-Down camera system that clamps the camera within customize-able bounds.
  • Mecanim animation support.
  • Cleanly commented code + a PDF guide detailing how everything works.
  • A simple yet cool rigged and animated character model.

Thanks for checking this out! I hope it proves useful to you!

Nice work ! 

is possible to update the asset for unity2019+ and add some feqtures like boomrang, arrow ?