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GameDev Kinda Diary

A topic by Sprigs created Nov 25, 2016 Views: 117 Replies: 1
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Hey there dudes & dudettes!

I'm Sprigs.

I'm a Character Designer and Game Developer.

I was Lead Concept Artist for two years in a indie gamedev team called Lovely Gran.

Now I'm running solo and the other day I created this Character that I think that would suit a Endless Side Scroll Runner.

Then I give the Character some moves with animation tools, check it here!

So I began my journey through this Project.

I got no solid programming skills but I think I can do this!!

I'm now at this stage

Can I count with your virtual hugz?? :D

I hope so...

Now I want to make some collision boxes.. but can't do it because the collisions boxes don't move as the character... even with mesh collider.

Maybe because I'm not been able to assign the material??

Anyone out there can help me?? :D

Virtual hug for you!