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Bug reports Sticky

A topic by Raymond Cripps created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 339 Replies: 10
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Developer (2 edits)

Report bugs, exploits and glitches you've found in Project  Feline™ here to help improve the game! When reporting a bug please be as thorough as possible, and please avoid posting duplicate reports.

Very fun game! Though I'm not sure if this is a bug. It's kinda fun though. If you hold W and A or D, and then spam space, you can continuously walljump and build up insane amounts of speed.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I'll see what I can do about this :)

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Crash in Ubuntu 19.04 - Core i7 (no GPU -> HDGraphics 630)

The last message on console show about the window lost focus

PS.: All system input stops!


Thanks for notifying me! I will work to repair this at the earlierst opportunity :)

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I found a wierd exploit of the wallrun mechanic, its on the V-Slice level near the finish and I show you where in the Video: 

Instructions to Recreate:

1: Find a corner that has an angle smaller than 90

2: Begin a wallrun away from the corner

3: Jump & Turn around on the same wall then hold W+D/A

4: Once in the corner spam Jump


Feline 0.7.0  | Windows10 64 bits | Level 2: Box Surfing

Priority : Menor

Reprorate : 10/10

steps to reproduce:

1- Jump in the box

2-spam Crouch Button

expected result: the box doesn't move

actual result: the box start to move with the player above.

Feline 0.7.0  | Windows10 64 bits | Level 2: Box WallRun

Priority : Menor

Reprorate : 10/10

steps to reproduce:

1- Try to Wallrun in the box

expected result: the character doesn't performe the WallRun

actual result: the character performe the WallRun

Feline 0.7.0  | Windows10 64 bits | Level 2: Box  Bug Collision in the Wall after a kick

Priority : Menor

Reprorate : 10/10

steps to reproduce:

1- Kick the box in a corner

expected result: the box bounces correctly in the wall

actual result: the box gets trapped in the wall and sometimes goes through Out of Bounds

I do not know if this belongs to the category Bugs, but I just write it in here.

-The Movement does not feel right for me. It seems like I'm running on Ice.
-When I'm wall-running at the round tower and I'm jumping from one tower to another, then the character don't pick the next wall and fly past.

In the videp you can see what i mean...

I know that the game is still in development, but I wanted to share my impressions with the Movement.

Sorry for my bad english ...

Not sure if this is really counted as a bug, but on Test Level, you can skip the whole level by wall riding onto the checkpoint platform behind you at spawn.

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