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Game Breaking Glitch/Bug

A topic by Anakinlawrence created 66 days ago Views: 110 Replies: 1
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I started to get too tired to run so I tried to sleep in the bed and even though it was saying left click to sleep it wouldn't work. Now here's where it gets good. I decided to save, exit to main menu, and come back hoping that would fix it, only to come back to the game with a lot o lag, the cart inside the building, and not everything is loaded in, laughter ensued.  

The bed broke most likely because of driving the wagon

The other is the "zero'd out" bug - Its rare, but to those it affects, it affects them wholly. (i.e, no matter how many saves you make, it will always zero out on the first save/reload, unless someone manually edits them)
I can help you fix your save if you dm it to me on the discord
And/or I can dm you a fresh savefile that isn't afflicted with the issue, which should help alleviate the problem.
Usually, this works to workaround the issue, but I have heard of a couple times where it regressed to zero'd out.