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Does output.sounds clear on each render?

A topic by narath created 72 days ago Views: 81 Replies: 3
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Hi there, enjoying using the SDK with my son. We are playing a 3 sec .ogg sound after a character dies. The code for "dying" fires only once, but the sound file continues to repeat. (I'm using the June 5 version of DragonRuby, Ruby 2.6 on a Mac 10.14).

Thanks, Narath.

The default behavior for OGG is to loop atm. If you use a program like Audacity to make it a WAV it will only play once. I'm sure they will add the ability to set either to loop in the future. For now, background music loop use ogg, sound effects use wav.




Yes, the audio system is extremely bare bones right now, we intend to improve this piece dramatically.

k - thanks - that is really helpful. (if only the help where in github I could help to put in a pull request for this ;-)