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Creating the game page and ensuring the game id was correct - and publishing worked.

Awesome - thanks so much

Hey team, I'm trying to use the publish feature, but getting an invalid game error (based on google searches it seems to be some kind of issue with correct naming).

Running ".dragonruby/itchio-butler/butler push '.dragonruby/builds/swiss-cheese-windows-amd64.exe' narath/swiss-cheese:windows-amd64" ...
creating build on remote server: API error (400): /wharf/builds: invalid game butler reported failure!

I have this in my game metadata:

devtitle=Swiss Cheese
gametitle=Swiss Cheese

(as a side note, I am using git for version control while developing my game, any way you can have it ignore the .git folder which it seems to include when doing the publish)

k - thanks - that is really helpful. (if only the help where in github I could help to put in a pull request for this ;-)

Hi there, enjoying using the SDK with my son. We are playing a 3 sec .ogg sound after a character dies. The code for "dying" fires only once, but the sound file continues to repeat. (I'm using the June 5 version of DragonRuby, Ruby 2.6 on a Mac 10.14).

Thanks, Narath.