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App not installed

A topic by chillbrownie created Jun 11, 2019 Views: 211 Replies: 3
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so, I just downloaded the app and it downloaded fine but for some reason it refuses to install on my phone. Anyone else have this issue and did anyone manage to fix it?

Developer (1 edit)

What does "refuses to install" mean? Do you get an error message or what happens?

The .apk file is for Android. Maybe you're using an iphone instead and thats where the problem comes from?

I managed to fix the problem, just had to restart my phone. Basically it would complete installation and then it would say "app not installed". Anyways it's all good now. And no, I have always used androids, I hate anything by apple with the burning passion of a thousand suns lmao

um, I downloaded and installed the app but it kept sending me an error message and wouldn't start