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Mr. Friendly

Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness · By JP LeBreton

VM Execution Aborted report

A topic by Xeotroid created Jun 10, 2019 Views: 140 Replies: 1
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Got a VM Execution Aborted error with the last version on Hell Revealed 2 MAP07, with I think 4 out of 5 quests active. It was preceeded by inability to pick items in the inventory screen. However, the crash happened outside of the inventory (I'm not sure if trying to bring up the inventory screen triggered it, sorry) The entirety of the error message:

VM execution aborted: array access out of bounds. Negative current index = -5
Called from FriendlyUIHandler.FindUsefulQuestPage at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/ui.txt, line 1107
Called from FriendlyUIHandler.DrawQuestScreen at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/ui.txt, line 1145
Called from FriendlyUIHandler.RenderOverlay at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/ui.txt, line 1851


Hmm, good catch this is a rare one. Not exactly sure what might have caused it but the code should catch it now. Try the build I just uploaded, Build 71.