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Just Released this Awesome Update !

A topic by SpeedRider created Nov 21, 2016 Views: 146 Replies: 9
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So I just released the biggest Cube OS Update (Version 2.0) It is awesome !

- If you want to test go to the Cube OS Store Page here

Thanks :)


Looks awesome! :)

Thanks bro !

I've a YouTube Channel if you want I can promote one of your games :)

As do I if you are interested! (Also, thanks for the offer I will think about it!)

Yeah why not ! You can play Cube OS and give me your link to your YouTube channel I'll sub :

OK cool! My next video will be a review of Cube OS!

Here is the link to my channel:

Ok thanks :D I jud'st subbed ;


Cool! I also just realized that you use Clickteam Fusion 2.5 which I also use and love!

Yeah I like it :P also forgot to tell you, to record Cube OS don't record it as a game record your pc screen instead and use Cube OS in windowed if you record it as a game the buttons will not show up due to a graphic mode I made in Clickteam (Direct 3D 9) Thanks :


ok thanks for the advice! The video should be uploaded in the next few days :)