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Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices. · By Rolling Crown

System Requirements

A topic by AnorelArts created Jun 04, 2019 Views: 150 Replies: 2
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Hi there. I just wanted to suggest adding the system requirements somewhere on the game page and download page, as I just purchased and downloaded the game but can't run it on my OS.  I went to launch the game and only then did it tell me that it requires Mac OS 10.9 or later. 

No hard feelings, just wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to somebody else with an older system like mine.


Hi, thanks for telling me. I'm sorry you couldn't run the game. I added the system requirements on the game page. Is there a possibility for you to upgrade your OS, or maybe use another computer? If not, I can refund you on PayPal.

I've been in the process of getting an external hard drive so I can backup my system and free up enough room on my computer to update my OS. Hopefully I can get that done within the next month and run the game then, so there shouldn't be a need for a refund. Thank you, though!