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Shadowdancer - a stylized 3D stealthy game prototype

A topic by runemarkstudio created Jun 03, 2019 Views: 113
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This is the first game we made as part of a game dev course. We would like to expand the game - with your help!

Shadowdancer, a young female from a mystical race, is exploring the secrets of her ancients, while trying to avoid enemies and traversing dangerous environment. In this game you can use her connection to the shadows, which allows to see hidden objects as well as teleport short distances quickly. There are 2 short levels so far, one is stealth-oriented and the other one has no confrontation and more platformer / puzzle elements.

We created a website for the game demo, where you can find additional information and hints for the game.
In this topic, you can share your opinion and feedback about Shadowdancer.

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