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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

=Ideas= Sticky

A topic by IEP_Esy created 81 days ago Views: 307 Replies: 11
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Developer (8 edits)

Hello everyone!

Well, as you know, I make a "Bugs" and "Ideas" section in my games' community and this game is not any different... It is, however, a small horror game, but who knows what kind of bugs or ideas would be found for it?!

Also, I will update this post with the ideas you give so that no one would be reporting the same idea:

1- (Reporter: Generic Waffle) >Add a tutorial where some of the game elements like the Eye, Finish point and difficulty settings are explained.

2- (Reporter: HoudiniWiz) > Add fear and sanity mechanic effects (like sight reducer or walking effect)

3- (Reporter: Dacco) 

> *Maybe the creatures should be transparent shadow things implying that they're your madness becoming worse. Also weren't level 0 monsters humanoid? 

*You can't actually die in level 0, maybe your character will start sobbing and moaning out of insanity, the more you become and see creatures and at the end you hear footsteps screaming and whispers until your character kills his self? 

 *More wallpapers? and sometimes old furniture and old abandoned bases. 

 *Old coffee machines with coffee can numb your insanity for a 3-5 minutes? 

*Better carpet? Kinda looks like cork at the moment. 

*Human survivors who run away from you and attack if you come close 

*You sometimes hear little whispers of the real world on level 0, other levels won't have these small sounds of hope. 

 *You can find used bottles and cans what you can use to get water. You have to use someones old shirt or pants found from the floor to filter water leaks from the ceiling. If you drink unfiltered water you'll get nausea and headaches leading to more insanity. Filtered water wouldn't actually help your thirst, it'll make you faster and more sane. *In level 2 you have to take of your shirt if it's too hot. If you don't you'll pass out for 15 seconds and have a chance of living, or being killed. Also you can find a hoodie in level 0-1. Finding a hoodie at level 2 should be extremely bazinga monumentally rare. You can use a hoodie to stay warm at cold parts. 

*Old journals? 

*Sketches of level 1-2 monsters. Level 0 monsters wont be the same what you're seeing (due to every monster being in your brain) and will be similar but not the same.

4- (Reporter: Tan Cossin) > 

This looks like a great start! I’d love to see the final version eventually. I do have a few changes/comments, some influenced by architecture:

1.) I recommend adding moulding on the floor and ceiling (it’s that ornate wooden curved part on hardwood floors, runs all throughout the wall). It will add a significant amount of realism.

2.) also consider making some walls be two-tone. Like, bottom half is wood and top half is wallpaper. Or, could be a two-tone wallpaper with a rubber seal in the middle. Makes it feel more authentic as an empty office/hospital space.

3.) use tiled ceiling and floors. All textures need to be a little differently colored but still “warm” or yellow-tinted, so everything doesn’t just look like the same yellow.
4.) add random power outlets and light switches. Outlets are 5” from the floor and switches are around 5’ from the floor.

5.) the backroom “monsters” are not like SCP creatures but more like a product of your mind. You’re so unnerved that you start to imagine sounds and “something” being there. In order for it to still be a scary game but actually not have monsters that kill you:

5a.) add a heath bar. This is just for aesthetic purposes. Nothing’s actually going to kill you in the game, ever. But having that there tricks the player that “maybe something is in here”

5b.) use “shadow at the corner of my eye” type of monsters. Sometimes with an audio cue, sometimes without. They can just be like shadow or smoke person that just peeks out from outside a corner when you turn your camera. If the player notices it, it will really unnerve them.

6.) reduce the amount of fluorescent lights and increase the spacing. This way, it’s more realistic and creates corners on the room where it’s darker than the rest of the area, similar to the lore.

5- (Reporter: Wabadowa) > I think it is looking very good so far but there are things that need to be improved. Maybe flushing out the yellow more to make a more bland color will help make the atmosphere less colorful and more disturbing. Also leaving less open space by adding more walls and hall ways can make the play feel limited and stressed out. Remove the music, the game would be creepier with just the buzzing of the lights and the soft sounds of footsteps. Remove the enemies and just add the sounds of distant footsteps that can increase and decrease in volume to give a feeling of not being alone tho you never find the entity. If you want to add an enemy which isn’t a bad idea, make the enemy mysteries and quiet, it doesn’t need to shout out at you to be scary, just make it follow the player sometimes being noticeable for a split second peering around a corner. And just make the map huge Ig full of random turns and hallways that seem to stretch on forever. I hope this criticism helps you because I see a lot of potential here. Good luck! 

6- (Reporter: Chandler Ponders [via Backrooms' Online Reporter]) >

 Add Mouse lock feature (however, the mouse is already invisible but this might have caused problem for those who play the game windowed)

7- (Reporter: xidius) >

The guitar noises or banjo or whatever it is completely kill the mood imo. I think there should be no music aside from maybe dark ambient that can randomly start playing now and then. But it would need to fit the tone and not take you out of the immersion.

8- (Reporter: callowaysutton) >

I think it would be a lot better if the droning of the lights was lower pitched and just like more of a droning sound.

For example:

9- (Reporter: Daniel Gibson [via Backrooms' online reporter]) >

Backrooms suffers from a lack of tension in any way shape or form, the idea of a roguelike horror game in the Backrooms is brilliant, but spooky music and the occasional insta-death does not make for engaging gameplay. At the very least it needs to not be insta-kill and should engage the player. A sprint function would also be appreciated, however if the game is not intended to have such a mechanic as part of the game's artistic vision, then that makes sense too.


Hi! I love what you're doing here with this.  But I was wondering if you could add an in-game instruction page that answers the questions of like "what does the eye do?" "why does the eye have rings sometimes?" "What exactly is the player looking for?" "What are the difficulty differences?" Things like that.  I think it has a lot of promise. 


Thanks for pointing that out! I will add a Tutorial part where all of those would be instructed. And also the player would be able to re-play that tutorial any time.

Sounds Great!


I added some instructions for now:

You should consider adding some kind of sanity mechanic (Maybe something like amnesia) that creates hallucinations if it gets too low, so that aspect of the backrooms is also represented


That would be very nice! However that eye is kind of like that... 

But it can be shown by some image effects or walking effects.

i really like the game and the idea behind it, Maybe you could try to add some Things out of this Video: 


Thanks that's a good video! 


Check out new entries. Added from comments on a Game play video recorded by Gamers Nation: 

I think it would be a lot better if the droning of the lights was lower pitched and just like more of a droning sound.

For example:


Thanks for the idea! I'll edit the first post.