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I can't get the correct local character position

A topic by miksol created May 29, 2019 Views: 212 Replies: 8
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How can i get correct local position of character?

my code for test:

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start () {   
          SuperTextMesh stm = GetComponent<SuperTextMesh>(); 
          string stringForSearch = "TEST!";
          stm.text = "Hello, World!! Hello, World!! Hello, " + stringForSearch + " World!! Hello, World!! Hello, World!!"
          int characterIndex1 = stm.hyphenedText.IndexOf(stringForSearch);
          int characterIndex2 = characterIndex1 + stringForSearch.Length -1;
          STMTextInfo ti1 =[characterIndex1];
          STMTextInfo ti2 =[characterIndex2];
          Debug.Log(ti1.character + " - " + ti2.character);
          Vector2 boxSize = new Vector3(ti2.BottomRightVert.x - ti1.BottomLeftVert.x, stm.size);
          Vector3 boxLocalPos = new Vector3(ti1.BottomLeftVert.y + boxSize.x / 2f, ti1.BottomLeftVert.y + boxSize.y/2f, 0);
          //create box for test pos
          GameObject testObj = new GameObject("TestPosition");
          testObj.AddComponent<BoxCollider>().size = boxSize;
          testObj.transform.localPosition = boxLocalPos;


In your code, "boxLocalPos" is using BottomRightVert.y instead of .x, is that it? Also, you might have to invert the positional Y value.

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Thank you, yes, sorry, position X is ok. About position Y, I tried to use transform.InverseTransformPoint, but the position has not changed. Simple invert the positional Y value I tried too

if invert the positional Y value

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Oh, I see that the correct position Y is obtained if only the anchor is set to Upper, if Middle or Lower then the wrong position is issued.

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Right, it's in the known bugs section of the docs, I completely forgot about that. Is it possible to leave it set to Upper for now? I feel bad leaving in a bug like that, but this is already a workaround?

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I have a lot of text puzzles tasks in the my project where MiddleCenter is used, so I can’t redo everything, maybe tell me how it can temporarily be fixed?


Hmm... okay this might work, but you might be able to use a VertexMod script to grab the exact vertex position data. I have a VertexModSample script included, there should be a sample in there showing how to get a specific vertex from a character index. I'm reeeally hoping that positional data is correct, regardless of Anchor, since it should be a copy of the vertex data the mesh uses.

Thanks, Kai, I'll try it !

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Thank you! I figured out what  positional Y value offset ,
 it is in line number 2853  SuperTextMesh.ApplyOffsetDataToTextInfo () 
 anchorOffset.y = VerticalLimit> -rawBottomRightTextBounds.y? (-rawBottomRightTextBounds.y   rawTopLeftBounds.y - rawBottomRightBounds.y) * 0.5f: 0f;
 This happens if only VerticalLimit> -rawBottomRightTextBounds.y respectively.
 For my while I just add this offset, you will probably find it easier to figure out where you  better  need to fix it.