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[Composer/Sound Designer] Alex "William E." Gleich - Game Audio/Game Trailers!

A topic by William E. Audio created May 29, 2019 Views: 104
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Composer & Sound Designer for Games and Media

Game Audio Reel (YouTube):

Music and sound can tranform your game or media into a fully immersive experience that addresses all human senses. I strive to design my audio in a way that will catch your audience emotionally and draws them into the experience you created.

My name is Alex "Wiliam E." Gleich and I'm a composer, songwriter and sound designer from Germany. My work is deeply rooted in the belief that melodies have to be simple but catchy and memorable. Yet I create music and sound effects which are modern but still familiar, combining the art of variation of melodies with modern sounding instruments and a pristine audio quality.

What I can do for you
Music is my passion and for nearly my whole life I played an instrument, wrote songs or recorded music of any kind. I love creating audio-related things and aim to to propel your project forward with engagement and reliability.

  • Music Composition: There is only two pricing tiers to keep things simple: 'Abstract' (for retro, ambient and electronic music) and 'Realistic' (orchestral and band music).
  • Sound Design & Implementation: Musical and/or abstract sound effects and audio implementation in games are available (i.e. FMOD, UE4)
  • Game Trailers: I can produce trailers for your game! In case you already made one, I could help out with scoring the trailer as well.
  • Voice Acting: Voice acting, especially in German or with slight German accent in English is available, too.
  • Help, Talks & Education: Need any advice regarding audio in your game? Talks on Game Audio-related topics are available as well! Look at my video essays on YouTube for possible topics!

I'm looking forward to hear about your ongoing or future creative projects. Hit me up when you already want to hire a composer/game audio guy, ask for rates, request a free demo track or anything else!
Just email me at

Music in different styles, testimonals, full credits of all stuff I've worked on so far.

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