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Secrets of Avalon

Multifaceted virtual novel with many genres, romance, politics, humor, drama, and so much more. · By Suru - Fate Maker Games

May Demo Released

A topic by Suru - Fate Maker Games created May 28, 2019 Views: 175 Replies: 4
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New Demo released.  This takes players through the end of the first week in game.  There are 23 possible achievements at this time.  Art for Triskel and Roison have been input into the game.   We are still slowly getting in music and sound effects so the game is still mostly silent.  One of our music files has been added to the main screen of the game for your listening pleasure.

Please let us know if there are any bugs that you find and the text that accompanies these bugs so we can swiftly fix them.   We still would appreciate any answers to our questions for the demo, or even updated answers to these questions.  

Happy fate making.

It took me the weekend to delve more into all the new content but when it comes to bugs, there's a lot. It's hard for me to pinpoint which moments the error screens show up because in different gameplays it comes up in different places. Ex. An error in  one scene from 2nd gameplay that didn't happen in my first gameplay.

So idk. But I enjoyed all the additions and changes made.


Thank you for the feedback.  I am curious, did you remove previous versions before playing this one?  

I did! Out of curiosity, I think I'll delete all the current saves I have in the new demo and see what happens then.


Please let me know, cause as I play through I'm not finding issues so I wanna make sure any found are resolved.  If you had saves from previous builds then that is likely why lots of bugs appeared as the coding wouldn't be up to date.  : )