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Quick Question: Next word instantly with single <tag>

A topic by HenryChinaski created May 27, 2019 Views: 126 Replies: 2
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is there a tag that makes only the next word in a dialogue appear instantly? For now I am using <drawOrder=robot> and after the word <drawOrder=rtl>. Can I customize the asset in a way so that I would just be able to use <fwd> for example and the word after the tag will be drawn instantly and not char by char?


Hm... The way that you're doing it now is actually a clever way to do it! I think using <readDelay = 0> (or a very small number) would also work, but there's no tag at the moment that automatically cancels this. I think your method might be best for the time being.

<d=0> could be used to make the next *character* appear instantly, I believe

Hey, your idea is even better in my opinion, since it doesn't take that much space and makes the text for the creator still easily readable.

Thanks! Totally satsfied with the asset so far.