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Demo version fails to generate meaningful .nc file

A topic by olinrich created May 25, 2019 Views: 215 Replies: 2
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Just a bit of text:

( Generated By: PixelCNC v1.33a, Post: GRBL Inches.txt v1.00 )
G20 G90 G91.1
( End Program )

Developer (2 edits)

Did you create an operation that actually generated a toolpath visible in the view? For example, the spiral operation will produce a toolpath that appears as such:

If you're not seeing any toolpath in the view after creating an operation then you need to carefully consider the parameters you're using for the operation to generate a toolpath with, because it's not impossible to cause an operation to generate zero cut paths - which will in turn generate zero useful G-code.

EDIT: It would be tremendously helpful for us to get you on track to generating useful G-code if you could provide more details as the provided User Guide explains. Step-by-step instructions for reproducing the problem and the generated log-file are invaluable for getting to the bottom of problems such as this.

All's well... I had failed to complete the config. Thanks