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Pic2Jelly won't open

A topic by ShyJack created May 25, 2019 Views: 83 Replies: 5
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Hi, I've downloaded the latest version of the software and previous versions available in both 32 and 64bit but no matter what every time I open the .exe and then click "Play" it freezes and nothing opens. 


Hey there, can you see if there is any log created in the folder:


Can you also try to run the app in windows mode to see if the problem is not in the resolution.

Finally, does the free version of the app work for you? If so, it can be some modification that happened in a later version and I will try to look into that.

Hi, there is nothing in the crash folder. 

If I open it windowed mode it opens and doesn't freeze but the screen remains pure white and nothing loads.

The free version doesn't work either.

Many thanks


It could be that your video driver is not updated, please try to update it. What version of Windows are you currently using?

Drivers are updated. Using Windows 10


To bad, this is really hard to fix since i don't know what problem is making this happen. Maybe your video card is to old? At last the Unity logo should be appearing at the start, this happen even before the app loads.

You can't manage to make it work, you can request a refund via itchio.