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Out Run-like Racer in Construct 3

Basic implementation of a pseudo-3D racer in Construct 3. · By Alce

Others cars

A topic by Gameorb created May 20, 2019 Views: 130 Replies: 3
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Hi .. how we do it others cars in the demo?



To create other cars, you'll have to add them to the project as a Tiled Background and then include them in the WorldObject family. To create an object it's as simple as creating it, setting a strip_id (indicating on which strip of the track it'll be created) and setting the relative_x (-1 represents the left edge of the track while +1 represents the right edge). The (x, y) position you create it a doesn't matter. For example, with a tree:

To make cars move, you can add to strip_iid. Another example with trees:

It's not smooth, but it's the simplest solution. The only problem is that you can run into a rendering glitch if you drive into the tree. A quick fix would be to change the following function in [M] Rendering:

Great but what trigger i do to create the object, because i used every 1 second and it did not work


Oh sorry, I missed that! You have to create the object in a "On start of layout".