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Seeing Evelynn at Night (Error/Bug)

A topic by depressowo created 31 days ago Views: 173 Replies: 3
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Whenever I try to see Evelynn at night after completing the goddess trials while exploring, the game crashes. I'm able to go into the back but right at the scene cuts to them on the bed, the game gives an error code. The same thing happens to Raylene on date 2. Just thought I should let you know. I love the game though! It is very addicting in my opinion. (I'm playing the PC version)


Interesting.  I'll take a look at these scenes and see if I can find/fix it for the next build!  Thanks for letting me know

Sweet! Also the same problem happens when you finish Rose's, Akane's, and Mary's first trial test. I wish I could help you out with it, but I don't even know the first thing about programming a game lol

hello I'm playing android ver. 1.2.3a have an error final date with Raylene