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Magic Knowledge

A topic by Gazek3 created May 18, 2019 Views: 12,189 Replies: 10
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Spoilers, maybe?

So I am trying to do "The King of Amagal" quest and also access the magic barred room in Skylo tower. Chiyo tells me that she needs to study because her knowledge of magic is not high enough. Under the status section, variables, I see that there is magic knowledge. After having done the Silver license quest and going to a few libraries (I believe there was one in Begus or Dorgania) I still have not gotten a single point. Just wondering how I can get this skill up, or if you even can at this point in development.



You can find unique looking book all over the world that increases Chiyo's magical knowledge when you interact with them while she is in your party. The locations of the books can be found in the walkthrough, simply search for the word "Magic book"and you should find them.

how much knowledge we need?


The hexagon in the Yang Tower requires 50, the barrier in the Skylow Tower 40 magical knowledge.

how to get to golden license after finish " magic license "


You start it by talking to Chiyo at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)

I have already done this but I have not advanced with her


Then you're missing a previous event with Chiyo. Did you have the events about gathering materials with her for alchemy? Did you advance the main story and have Varea at your castle or helped her in the events with Amagal?

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no , it's a problem


What was the last event you had with Chiyo? What is her current dialog?
It's hard to say what you need to do if I don't know where in her events you are. ;)

how to get to chiyo?