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Debuged game?

A topic by CandiceYoung created May 17, 2019 Views: 129
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Hi devs or Savordez! It's been months since last time I've played Your game ( &I apoligize for that) but recently somehow my saved game has been debuged with Legendaries Such as Darkrai, Acreus, Shaymin etc. Also the game recognizes that I haven't finished this game (although I've beaten E4 & #SpoilerEndcontent with Prof. Oak & his plans...) My question for today is it possible to revert corrupted or illegally debuged save file and how? Would apreciate in detail how to solve this issue since wanted to finish of catching 150 pokemon legally and finish catching last Legal roaming Legendoggie (couldn't resist the pun XD) And beat you in fair pokemon battle against You Savordez not with cheap victory with having only illegal Legend- Mons. If you need in detail or more info I'ļl be glad to help ya out as much as can ;) But don't ask me how it got debuged, haven't literally played Your game since 18th of March 2019 but debug save file appeared somewhere on 1st April. Trust me I don't know and don't wanna know how Your game can be debuged...