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Hi devs or Savordez! It's been months since last time I've played Your game ( &I apoligize for that) but recently somehow my saved game has been debuged with Legendaries Such as Darkrai, Acreus, Shaymin etc. Also the game recognizes that I haven't finished this game (although I've beaten E4 & #SpoilerEndcontent with Prof. Oak & his plans...) My question for today is it possible to revert corrupted or illegally debuged save file and how? Would apreciate in detail how to solve this issue since wanted to finish of catching 150 pokemon legally and finish catching last Legal roaming Legendoggie (couldn't resist the pun XD) And beat you in fair pokemon battle against You Savordez not with cheap victory with having only illegal Legend- Mons. If you need in detail or more info I'ļl be glad to help ya out as much as can ;) But don't ask me how it got debuged, haven't literally played Your game since 18th of March 2019 but debug save file appeared somewhere on 1st April. Trust me I don't know and don't wanna know how Your game can be debuged...

Usually the android emulators (Even if you have installed on Your Android RPG XP Emulator) runs with .dsv safe files, So You will need to convert them somehow but won't be as easy as just renaming save file with .dsv cause it can corrupt or even worse won't even allow to play Your save file anymore on PC. The thing you should be looking for is either .exe file (Your game file) or .rxdata file (Your save file)  conversion to .dsv safely without corrupting data. Hope it helps!

Hello Dear Readers! This will be a spoiler question so please if anyone who hasn't clear main story don't read this question. Question about roaming pokemon: Savordez in his spoiler section has given Legend bird routes and for odd reason I've different encounters. Like for example Articuno route was Zapdos, Zapdos route was Moltres and Moltres route - Articuno. So why do I've different encounters? Also for those encouters liked to point out that it's possible that Roaming=Static on specific route. Is this true or I had just bad luck not finding Ex. Moltres on any route besides route 15?

    Here's two more questions! 

    1. In the early game there's two Special Pokémon. Pikachu and Cubone. I know for a fact that Cubone can be found in Team Heroin's HQ base. Where was Pikachu obtainable? And if it's possible to recapture either one of them if couldn't realistically capture them? 
    2. Sandwitch hunting... Can anybody help out finding a sandwitch for a cavemen in certain route?

    Spoilers below. If you're playing the game for the first time, please refrain from looking at these.

    All legendaries and their location requirements!

    Celebi: Celebi is a 0.3 exclusive Pokémon. In Mystery gift there's still GS Ball which is still obtainable. Afterwards Forest Ruins 2nd underground floor.
    Regice: Seafoam Islands (requires HM Surf and Waterfall)
    Regirock: Victory Road (right side path between non smashable rocks but before Indigo League and need to search for a switch)
    Registeel: Moonside Lake (requiures HM Surf and Dive)
    Regigigas: Mt. Moon 2nd entrance (all 3 Regis in party + HM Rock Smash, Cut, Surf, Waterfall, Dive and TM Flash)
    Ho-Oh: South Amber Road
    Lugia: The Dead End (I think...)
    Articuno Roaming in Runko after defeating Elite 4
    Zapdos See Articuno requirements
    Moltres Same with this one too ;)
    Latias: Trainer Tower Gauntlet Mode victory in under 950 seconds (walking not counting)
    Latios: Trainer Tower "Hard"core Mode victory in under 250 seconds
    Keldeo: Final cave (probably in 2nd upper floor)
    Entei: Roaming in Runnku Islands after clearing Final cave
    Raikou: Roaming in Runnku Islands (same as Entei)
    Suicune: Roaming in Runnku Islands (you get the idea right?)
    Deoxys: Get 200'000 TP (Trainer points) reward is your ticket to obtain Deoxys ;)
    Mew: Requires Old Sea Map (probably requires finished main story but can't remember)
    Arceus: Mallet Town :) (note: as of right now it's either a Pokedex Reward or something's behind the door in Your room. If it's neither then I've no freaking idea)

    And about roaming pokemens... I know for a fact that atleast Zapdos as well is capturable in route 19 in Runko but have no idea about others since I'm in the middle of clearing final cave. If had more free time and patience could easily tweek each route till find one :D

    Also thanks to Savordez about most pokemon location and roaming route requirements and also thanks for Pokemon UE Wikia (note: all obtainable Pokemon page)

    Happy legen (wait for it.... ) dairy hunting! ;)

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    Well. Personally I can't remember where were the most of the Dawn stones yet the easiest and closest to Dildadon city without getting any further in story or after story is to have caught 80 pokemens and talk to scientist dude in Dildaldon city park. The 80th capture prize is the Dawn stone.

    So. Route 9. On the left side this route is version 0.4.1, but on the right one this route is 1.0.1 or higher. Im very interested how much newer version can change map design by one pixel upwards...  Hope it's just coding error and won't need to redo the entire route ;)

    Thank You so much for the help! BTW i hope youŗe proud of me having this juicy image in 1 driver and in 1 folder xD LOL! This is how much im dedicated to your fantastic game!

    Hello Devs! My game has been softlocked. I wanted to get the "Thief" achievement after finishing main story first of all I always save before any sudden game changes however no matter how I try but by getting this achievement my older safe has been replaced by Thief save file. The game runs for around 10 seconds and after that game shuts down. I would apreciate somehow getting back my older safe file since this one was almost 3 years old safe file (yes been playing this game since 1.0.0.) and had the old 1.3.0. update. Also there's one minor  bug in route 9 where it's super easy to surf between rocks and get to "Black void screen". Please if have any feedback or answers i would apreciate by sending those to my email