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Random events

A topic by Commentatron created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 167 Replies: 4
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what if there were events like super garbage bot invasion, evil upgrade bot, emperor boss fight only after lots of wins, comentator boss fight, mini bosses, DOBOROG fight, clone attack, trap arena, robo-golem, robot giant, humanoid robot attack, non-humanoid robot attack and much more... write your ideas pls

I really like these random event ideas. Keeps the players on their toes and to always be ready. An idea I would like is that your laser weapons and upgrades malfunction and stop working, so you have to dodge enemies and use the environment to defeat your enemies, and pick up their weapons.

I like this idea. Could author it in a more predictable way in Story Mode but insert it as a random pallet cleanser in Endless Mode. :)

yes thats what i meant

How about an event which seems like a normal round with normal robots but after they die, their bodies all combine into this AMALGAMATION THAT KILLS YOU. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA